Drouant by Antoine Westermann - French cuisine, the chef's way French Cuisine, the Chef’s Way

Drouant, c'est avant tout une cuisine d'exception, qui propose depuis 1880 les classiques de la cuisine Française revisités. Venir chez Drouant c'est à la fois prolonger le passé, profiter d'un art de vivre à la Française, tout en étant ancré dans la modernité.

This prestigious location has welcomed the members of the Académie Goncourt and countless gourmet foodies for a century, in a comfortable and refined atmosphere.

Goncourt prize is an historical literary prize in France and tell a lot about the writer jobs ..

It all began in 1882, when Edmond de Goncourt created a literary society of 10 people with the intention of awarding a prize to the author of the most imaginative work.

The very first Prix Goncourt was awarded in 1903. It has brought many up-and- coming young authors to the public's attention and has venerated dozens of successful writers, all the while exploring all sorts of genres - intimist, popular sagas, humor & science fiction...

Since 1914, the Académie Goncourt has resided at the Drouant and meets there once a month, awarding the prize in November every year.


Bernard Pivot
8, rue de l ́Abbaye - 75006 Paris
Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 46 88 11
Website: www.academie-goncourt.fr

  • Media in front of Drouant
  • Press on stand by in front of the Drouant stairs
  • Entrance of Goncourt Private space at Drouant
  • Announcement of the Awarded
  • Lydie Salvayre - Pleurer, Goncourt Prize 2014